Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Want to move to the cloud but still unsure?

Cloud computing is simply the ability to store and access your data from any location and any device that has access to the internet.

Implementing cloud computing in your business can have many benefits, including; improved communications and collaboration increased staff productivity more flexible and accessible workplace.

If you’re thinking of moving your business to the cloud there are a whole range of different options to choose from.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud

Private cloud is usually seen as something only large companies can implement, as it requires access to costly data centres and large investments in infrastructure. The main reason companies invest a lot of their time and money into private cloud is the increased level of security and privacy it provides, as well as the ability to easily scale and customise.

We have developed our own private cloud platform called VAULT that was specifically designed and built for businesses here in Australia. As we own and manage all the infrastructure, you can enjoy the security, scalability and customisation of private cloud without the headache of managing such a complex environment.

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Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Often described as the ‘best of both worlds’, hybrid cloud solutions combine on-site servers or private cloud with public cloud platforms so that businesses can enjoy the benefits of both. In this situation you may use public cloud for applications such as email, and private cloud for sensitive information such as financial reporting.

Many of our clients are running hybrid cloud solutions specifically tailored to their business needs.

We can create a customised hybrid cloud that works for your firm by giving you the security of a private cloud with the flexibility of public cloud.

Public Cloud
Public Cloud

Unlike private cloud, public cloud is hosted and completely managed by a third party where you share infrastructure with other ‘cloud tenants’, with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS well known examples of public cloud platforms.

Public cloud is a popular cloud option because of the lower upfront cost and reduced responsibility in managing the infrastructure.

We will efficiently and securely manage your migration to a public cloud platform and implement security processes and monitoring so you can enjoy the benefits of public cloud without the worry of compromised security.

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We have supported many businesses on their cloud journey and are highly experienced at providing cloud solutions tailored to your specific needs.
If you’re interested in taking advantage of cloud computing benefits, but not sure which solution is best for your business, we can arrange a free consultation with our expert team.
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