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Reliance Hexham
Reliance Hexham are a Newcastle based engineering firm that has been in operation since 1989.
Reliance Hexham

They specialise in the manufacture, overhaul and repair of equipment and machinery for use in the mining, aluminium and steel processing industries.

2007 Floods

In 2007, Newcastle suffered some of the worst storms and flooding it has seen in a long time. During these storms, Reliance Hexham had suffered productivity loss with power outages and no way to continue working.

They also felt they had outgrown their previous IT support and were looking for a more reliable IT provider with a faster response time than they had experienced. Their previous IT provider had allowed their devices to go out of warranty and had no formal process for responding to their support needs.

How we helped

Our first priority was to replace all of Reliance Hexham’s infrastructure and devices to ensure they were supported under warranty and working to the highest standard. We then implemented systems to allow them to work remotely with a secure and reliable connection.

Ian Tresidder
We choose Strategic Group because we were after a local IT provider that understood our industry and were the right size to provide personalised support but also give the highest quality equipment and service.
Managing Director

Cloud solutions

In 2017 the team at Reliance Hexham were looking for a way to access and secure their data remotely that was available to their users 24/7.

After carefully discussing their needs, they decided to move to Strategic Group’s private cloud solution, VAULT. By moving to VAULT, Reliance Hexham were able to remove onsite servers from their business and the risk that comes along with them, they were also able to enjoy the accessibility of the cloud whilst remaining secure on a private cloud.

Technology that supports

Since partnering with Strategic Group, Reliance Hexham have experienced greater reliability and flexibility in their IT systems and were able to scale their business quickly with the addition of new staff members.

Ian Tresidder
Having a dedicated Client Manager that knows us and also knows our business is really important and has allowed us to grow our technical capabilities and stay ahead of the curve with our developing customer base.
Managing Director
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