Public Cloud Computing

Strategic Group take the complexity out of selecting a public cloud provider by completely managing the process, from design through to implementation.
Public Cloud

Public cloud is increasingly becoming a popular option for businesses who want access to a large array of applications and integrations.

Unlike private cloud, public cloud is hosted and completely managed by a third party where you share infrastructure with other ‘cloud tenants’, with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS well known examples of public cloud platforms.

If not managed correctly, this can expose your business to cyber security risks. That is why Strategic Group always implement security measures such as user and identity management to keep your business safe.

Strategic Group efficiently and securely manage your migration to a public cloud platform and implement security processes and monitoring so you can enjoy the benefits of public cloud without the worry of compromised security.

We can help you select and implement the right public cloud solution for your business by:


Evaluating requirements across all arms of the business


Understanding data accessibility requirements


Auditing current IT infrastructure and networks


Working with third party vendors to ensure all applications are accessible


Scoping the performance needs of the business


Ensuring a high level of security is implemented to protect data
Our unique expertise across customer support, networks, infrastructure and security mean we see the whole picture when it comes to cloud solutions.
Mark Copsey

The move into the cloud has been transformational for Allworths and our clients, which was especially brought into focus when we were all forced to work from home in 2020. 

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