Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services, Testing & Backup
We provide disaster recovery services to clients Australia wide, including Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

With over 25 years experience, we’ve helped companies like yours recover from even the worst scenarios. Our disaster recovery, testing and backup services provide help before, during and after you need it most. All businesses, large and small, create and manage vast amounts of data.

This data is essential to the operation of your business and if lost, can shut down your business for long amounts of time. Data can be lost in many different ways; natural or man-made disasters, virus or hacking, hardware failure or simply human error.

What is the different between taking backups and a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Although backups are still good practice, it only helps if you need to restore certain files. A Disaster Recovery Plan is a process and a set of procedures put in place to protect and ultimately recover your entire IT environment.

What’s in a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Disaster Recovery plan will give you an understanding of what really happens if the lights go out and provide a sense of security for everyone in the business and your clients.

It also includes plans to shorten delays in getting the business back on its feet, guarantee the reliability of backup systems and reduce legal liabilities if a client’s data is lost or stolen.

To learn more about the importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan in your business, check out our blog post ‘Disaster proof your business – Why you need a Disaster Recovery Plan

How do I create a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Prioritise what’s critical to your business and what the impact will be on the business should these systems fail. This will include compiling a complete list of hardware, software and data.

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