Becoming the ideal telephone service provider for Johnson & Mongan Chartered Accountants

Did you know our team is a registered telephone service provider?

We’ve provided telephone services to businesses like Johnson & Mongan Chartered Accountants since the beginning of 2021, keeping them connected to clients, stakeholders and leads through phone service they can rely on.

Our Unified Communications is an all-in-one communication solution that includes telephone services. This is all through the 8×8 Communications experience which we use to combine Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with modern collaborative tools to help drive productivity in businesses.

Many businesses don’t recognise the benefits of unifying all your telecommunication tools to streamline your internal and external communications.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

One Taree-based business, Johnson & Mongan Chartered Accountants (JMCA) reached out to our team about becoming their telephone service provider, and they’ve never looked back.

Looking for flexibility in your phone services? So was Johnson & Mongan Chartered Accountants

Johnson & Mongan Chartered Accountants (JMCA) is an accounting and taxation company located in Taree, NSW. The team has been working with businesses in the Manning Valley to provide accounting assistance and quality services for over 50 years.

The team were using Samsung phones for all of their internal and external communications, but were facing difficulties with their existing telephone provider and Samsung.

“We were advised by Samsung that no further support would be provided, and our current telephone provider advised they too could not service the phones any longer,” said Janine Kennewell, Johnson & Mongan’s Executive Assistant.

“We wanted to move to a new online system to provide more flexibility for employees who needed to work from home, especially as COVID-19 became more prevalent.”

In April 2021, JMCA began working with our team.
Finding the right telephone service provider for their business and needs

Searching for a new telephone service provider wasn’t going to be easy for JMCA. The team were looking for a company who was local, reputable and easy to work with.

After a long-winded online search, Janine turned to another local accounting company in Taree for advice.

“I had conversations with another local accounting firm who were using Strategic Group for computer tech support,”


Janine reached out for an online quote from us a few months before beginning to work with our team. We remained in contact with Janine, offering assistance and checking in on her progress to see if she’d found an alternative telephone service provider.

“Strategic Group kept in touch with me to see if we were ready to change telephone service providers and ultimately their professionalism stood out,” - Janine.
Functional, simple, reliable and flexible – our system ticked all the boxes

Since beginning working with our team, Janine said the team at JMCA has been blown away by the differences to their original telephone service provider.

“The benefits have been great.  We are now able to set up a voicemail quite easily for busy times, like at the end of the financial year and for functions,” said Janine.

“We also find the system great and easy to use when we’re working from home. It makes no difference to our output and clients wouldn’t notice the difference!”


Our Unified Communications system provides a range of telecommunications tools to assist businesses like JMCA with their internal and external communications. Some of these features include:

  • Calling
  • Live chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Call recordings
  • Call monitoring.

These features are all part of the tools 8×8 provides.

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Good customer services goes a long way to better outcomes for your business

After researching numerous telephone service providers, JMCA decided our team’s all-in-one telecommunications solution was the best choice for their business.

“I researched quite a few companies and found Strategic Group to be not only economical but also very easy to deal with,” said Janine.

“Their team always provides quick responses. Our telephone providers were quite inadequate when it came to customer service.”


Our team has over 30 years of experience specialising in IT services for accounting businesses, like JMCA.

If you’re looking to streamline your
internal and external communications