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TJL Business Advisors & Accountants
TJL Business Advisors and Accountants are a mid-sized accounting firm with offices in the Manning – Great Lakes NSW area.

TJL were experiencing slow speeds from their server platform that was impacting their productivity and ability to work remotely. TJL had made the decision to grow their firm and could not do so while continuing to experience these issues.

Tony Lumtin
I highly recommend Strategic Group and in fact have done this with many of my clients. It’s reassuring having 24/7 access to the Help Desk and great to have Michael and Evan (Client Service Managers) as part of our team!
Director - TJL

They knew they needed to move to a platform that provided a scalable environment that would reduce their downtime, allow them to streamline their processes to increase productivity and give staff the ability to work from anywhere.

After evaluating the benefits of the cloud against purchasing a new server, TJL decided to move to Strategic Group’s cloud platform VAULT.

“Strategic Group’s professionalism towards our continued questions was outstanding, they also took over support on our old servers whilst building the relationship and our VAULT system” said Tony Lumtin, Partner TJL.

TJL now have the ability to run two regional offices and have staff in three different Sydney locations, they are no longer experiencing lengthy downtime and can access VAULT from anywhere.

“Accessing my systems while overseas allows me to work on clients wherever I am” said Tony. TJL have also seen a significant increase in speed to view and work on PDFs which has allowed their office to become paperless.

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