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Sutherland Reid & Farrar
Sutherland Reid & Farrar (SRF) are a mid-sized Accounting Firm who have operated in Moree NSW for over 80 years. With two directors and a team of long serving staff, SRF pride themselves on providing pro-active, quality services to their clients.

Initially SRF enlisted the help of Strategic Group to provide on-site servers and manage their infrastructure. Over the 12 year partnership their needs changed and they made the decision to move to Strategic Group’s private cloud platform VAULT.

Ben Cheetham
We have had a wonderful working relationship with Strategic Group for over a decade. We find their advice and insight to new technology that we can incorporate into our office is great. The service has been so reliable over many years, right from the first installation of on-site servers, to the switch to VAULT and any issues are dealt with promptly.
Partner - Sutherland Reid & Farrar

As Moree is prone to seasonal flooding is was important to SRF that they could keep their data safe and secure while remaining accessible. Moving to VAULT also meant that SRF no longer had to worry about daily backups and now have built in Disaster Recovery and much more effective redundancy.

“Having reliable, easy and consistent access to information while out of the office is very important to us. Also with hardware being such an expensive cost and the fact it is outdated the moment it’s installed, meant that the move to VAULT was a perfect fit. VAULT allows us to access the latest technology for our firm.”

Having SRF as a long term client has meant that Strategic Group are able to tailor their recommendations and solutions to SRF as they grow and change and their business goals evolve. Conducting regular meetings and IT reviews allow Strategic Group to give relevant advice and build upon their trusted partnership. Back when they both started working together, on-site servers were the right solution for SRF, but as technology advanced and internet became more reliable in regional areas, the cloud made sense.

As Ben puts it, it’s about “having the finger on the pulse” in terms of access to information that SRF can use to assist and advise their clients, and the cloud means they visit their clients onsite, wherever they are.

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